Willy Loman – American Dream

Willy Loman is a man with a mission. Willy Loman’s purpose in life is to attain a false sense the “American Dream.” But is that really what he wants? Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman examines the American Dream through a look at Willy Loman’s life. Many people have a goal for the American Dream, but it means something different to each person. Willy’s version of the American Dream is not like most others. His is more about being liked and achieving financial success than it is about making him happy.

Willy doesn’t want to be part of the “American Dream”, as he has never followed his true dreams. He prefers to choose a job that will bring him income, but not too much, over a life he enjoys. This is the biggest mistake Willy makes in life, and he doesn’t ever make it up. Willy doesn’t live up to the American Dream. He tries to be wealthy and successful, but he is not able or willing to do what brings him joy.
The American Dream is a term that describes the fundamental ideals of the American public. Death of a salesman examines this dream, and analyzes the significance of the dreams in the American socio-economic order. The “American Dream” concept is based on the belief that people can achieve their goals if they have aspirations and work hard for them. The American Dream’s core is the desire for wealth and power, not based on the quality and value of one’s work.

The American Dream is what most people want. It includes a family, a home, and a job that pays well. These things are not all desired by everyone. Many people around the globe want to move to America to live in harmony with the “American Dream”. They have heard that it is easy to make a living and are eager to share this dream. This dream has a problem. It is based on the theory that success is impossible, but people can work hard for their dreams.
People who work all their lives can believe that they are contributing to humanity, when in reality they are not. People believe that if they give something to civilization, they will get something back at the end. This is often not how things turn out. People will lose the whole journey if they work all their lives to get something they love at the end of their lives . Although the American Dream is the foundation of American culture, some of its ideals are incorrect.

Willy Loman’s American Dream dream is an adaptation. Willy believes that success and friendship are the most important things in life. Willy makes this clear when he says, “It’s who and what you smile about!” And that’s the wonder, and the wonder of the country, that a man could end up with diamonds in this country on the basis that he is liked! ” (Movie). Willy places too much emphasis on success.
He ignores his family ‘s needs but chooses to believe that he will succeed as long as he is liked. Willy believes that he will succeed as long as he works hard . Linda, Willy’s wife, realizes this and shares her thoughts with her sons. She says, “He drives seven hundred mile, and when it gets there, no one knows what goes through his mind. He drove seven hundred mile home, and then when he got there, no one knows anything about him anymore.” Movie).

Willy believes that the American Dream is a fantasy. Willy believes that Biff only needs money to start his business. This is what Willy said to us when he asked, “Can you picture that magnificence [Biff] having twenty thousand dollars in his wallet?” ” (Movie). Willy believes that Biff will be successful as long as he has enough money to start with. Biff is aware that his father’s ideas don’t work and that he wants to live a happy life.
Willy’s dream is to be popular and successful, which is a mistake. Willy Loman didn’t become part of America’s Dream because he doesn’t follow his dreams. Willy is not a salesman by nature. He is most happy when he’s working with his hands, and Willy doesn’t realize this. Biff learns from Willy that his father should have been working out openly, where he could be truly free. This is what Biff says about Willy, “He had the wrong dream.” All, all wrong. Biff further states that he didn’t know who he was. ” (Movie).

Willy believes that salesman is the best job he could have, since he still has the ability to work at eighty . The tragedy of the play is that Willy made a bad career decision. Willy doesn’t think about what he wants to do. Instead, he looks at what others have done, and then strives to reach the same heights. Willy doesn’t like being just himself. He always wants to do more.
Linda tells Willy to be happy “right here, right now.” Why should everyone conquer the world? “You’re loved by the boys and you are well-liked” (Movie). Willy doesn’t listen to his heart, and he pursues the wrong dream. Willy wasn’t really part of the American Dream. We see Willy’s stupidity in killing himself. Willy is too proud to accept a job with Charley. He would rather die than work for his friend for the money. Willy believes he is helping everyone when he gives them his life insurance money, but everyone would prefer to have him still living than the money.

Willy is driven to achieve his goal of being well-liked and successful, but he doesn’t have the happiness he seeks. Willy’s dream is for Biff to accomplish everything he could not. Willy’s plan goes sour when Biff decides to do the opposite of Willy and flees the city to seek out the happiness that will make him happy. Willy’s obsession for the American Dream ends up being his downfall. Willy doesn’t understand what it takes to be happy and he never becomes part of the American Dream.