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A human is a social being that is yielded to temptations. That is absolutely normal as we want to get from our lives as much as possible. That’s why an utmost expression of the American Dream has appeared. Have you ever heard about it?

The American Dream topics in English are among the most popular assignments for college students, as it expresses their attitude toward the destiny of immigrants, equality, freedom, and show the ability to formulate their hooks, thesis and thoughts properly. There are even cases when the destiny of your scholarship depends on your essay on the American Dream. As it’s obvious from the title of the article, we’re going to provide you with free essay or speech example that can be used in your work. And remember, just your creative ideas will make your paper look attractive!

What is the most common massive version of the American Dream? Although millions of options can vary in detail, most of the imaginary incarnations of the American Dream usually contain the following common features: living in a large, luxurious private home with a swimming pool and garden, including servants, who will make life easy, comfortable, free of home chores and joyful.

You may add to this the entire range of various luxuries and entertainment facilities, such as electronic devices, cars, yachts, tennis courts, saunas; an abundance of luxury food, fashionable clothes, etc. In general, it all comes down to material prosperity and success, comfort, luxury and, of course, money. This kind of life seems to be the embodiment of the popular “American Dream.” In the mass consciousness, it is considered the achieved goal, the ultimate ideal of human existence.

My American Dream Essay sample
What is the meaning of the American Dream? The expression “American Dream”, as a sublime appeal to the secular ideal of human life and success, is used throughout the world.

The expression of the American Dream appeared relatively recently; true origin and meaning of that utmost expression, unfortunately, is unknown to most of those who use it, including immigrants.

The American Dream is a doctrine in the United States, in which every American has an open chance to succeed

even to become president of the country – thanks to his/her features, such as hard work, courage, sexuality, ability to earn money, perseverance and determination.

The concept of “American Dream” is often used to describe a kind of national ideology that unites Americans. The quintessence of the American dream is to believe that every person who possesses abilities, energy, freedom, and hard work, can honestly succeed in life, becoming good and prosperous. Despite the fact that, according to many skeptics, the doctrine is considered a social utopia, it remains one of the main driving forces of immigrants to the United States.

The American Dream, which today attracts millions of people around the world, has become part of the pursuit of how people should live in our time. It no longer competes with the political ideals of the socialist and communist utopia, being closer to the liberal-democratic, humanistic social idea.

It should be admitted that it represents the secular opposite of religious and social concept in the modern world. After all, it paints a picture of how a person should live on this Earth (its popular version can be called the earthly or secular utopian vision of a person and society). And this picture is very attractive for humanity, as it contains freedom, equality of all races, teaches the ability to earn good money and gives a possibility to achieve success.

To sum up, the American Dream may be reviewed in several aspects. For many people, this is the freedom to be engaged in a favorite creative endeavor in a particular area. For others, it’s just a well-maintained home, a family and decent, well-paid, stable work. For some, this is a dream of pure luxury, free of any work. But in essence, the popular “American Dream” boils down to material comfort and prosperity

the freedom to live as you like, having achieved success. But it should be noted that such an idea doesn’t contain any life philosophy, except for the principle of comfort.

However, it’s not entirely clear how this goal can be achieved in our time, and whether it’s necessary to make great efforts for this, as the concept of the American dream lies not only in wealth but in freedom as well.

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