What Does the Novel Have to Say About the Condition of the American Dream in 1920s?

While “The Great Gatsby,” has many themes, such as love and money, order and reality, it is clear that the main one is the American Dream and its demise. This novel’s central theme is its attempt to capture America’s Dream.

How Gatsby got his fortune can explain this. We can gain a better understanding of the American Dream by studying how Gatsby attempted to realize his so-called American Dream from the point of view of down-to-earth Americans.

Gatsby’s life story is representative of American dreamers. He failed to realize his dream, as did many Americans who misunderstood the true meaning of American Dream.

Scott Fittzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby. It is a depiction of the decline of America’s Dream. As a reward for hard work and self-reliance, the American Dream promises prosperity as well as self-fulfillment. The American Dream is a product of the frontier and west. It challenges people to dream big and work hard to make their dreams come true.

The dream is historically a symbol of belief in nature’s goodness. The American Dream can be read in many ways. Some may seek excellence and spiritual goodness, while others see the American Dream as purely materialistic values.

Jay Gatsby is also guilty of this. Later, we will discover that Gatsby’s main problem was his materialistic view of the American Dream. Gatsby is indeed a complicated symbol of the American Dream’s corruption.

He is a romantic dreamer and seeks fulfillment in his life through his career as a gangster. Gatsby’s life is not changed much over the course of the novel. He is obsessed with achieving a romantic dream that is incompatible with reality. Gatsby was very young and vowed to love Daisy.

Tom, a more wealthy man, wooed Daisy because of his lack of wealth. Gatsby believed he could win Daisy back by giving her money and that she could have the life that she desired if he was willing to pay. To erase the years Tom and Daisy spent together, he wanted to get rid of time. Gatsby wanted the past to be repeated, so he said “I’m going fix everything exactly the same way it was before.” She’ll see. .. “(p. 110)

Gatsby’s romantic disregard of reality alters the American Dream. He believes that one can regain love if they have enough money. The American Dream corruption is responsible for the corruption of Gatsby’s dream of materialism and the pursuit of love, beauty, and youth. The automobile is another example of the corrupt American Dream. It was a symbol of American material wealth at the time.

Gatsby has a unique automobile that is envied by many. It was a rich cream color, brightened with nickel, and terraced with wind-shields that mirrored a dozen sunlights.

Gatsby’s car is an extravagant item that was created to achieve the American Dream of material wealth. However, it is Gatsby’s car which kills Myrtle Wilson after Daisy runs her over. This leads indirectly to Gatsby’s death, and illustrates Fitzgerald’s theme of materialism being undoubtedly destructive.

Fitzgerald clearly shows that a life built on materialism is not a path to the American Dream. Gatsby’s devastation shows that anyone who tries to live a life based on materialistic values is doomed. Analyzing Fitzgerald’s presentation shows that Gatsby’s dream is also America’s. It focuses on the intrinsic goodness of nature, on health, youth, vitality and romance. This dream has been cultivated in the West.

The novel is a variety of things. It’s an exploration of the American Dream or a harsh critique of it. Gatsby is lured by Daisy, who is merely a symbol for him. He pursues the Green Light, a dream of progress and material possessions and is ultimately destroyed.

Gatsby’s personal Dream is a symbol of the larger American Dream, where everyone has the chance to achieve what they desire. Gatsby’s American Dream is not about material possessions, even though it may seem so. He is only able to fulfill his American Dream of Daisy if he has the fortunes he desires.

Gatsby will not rest until his American Dream becomes a reality. But it doesn’t happen and he pays the ultimate price. The American Dream is still alive in the Great Gatsby. The American Dream is a universal truth that everyone wants something in their lives and all people strive to achieve it. Gatsby is an excellent example of someone who pursued the American Dream. Fitzgerald shows how the wealth and hollowness of the upper classes create a false American Dream, which misleads people.

The Great Gytsby examines how wealth was perceived in 1920s society and offers insight into the American Dream as a lie. His novel also discusses human society and how people look for wealth to bring them happiness. These ideas still hold true today. Today, most people want to get a higher education and a better job with a higher salary. Although it’s different from what the American Dream was nearly a century ago. The fundamental ideas remain.

Many people find themselves in unhappy careers but decide to keep the job due to the high pay. Money can’t buy happiness, but it doesn’t stop people believing that it can. Maybe a new American Dream has been invented right now.

Many people in the new generation want to be successful in high-paying service jobs to improve their lives and keep our economy from falling. Fitzgerald’s stories might help to steer society in the right direction, but they could be criticized and distorted.