Raisin in the Sun American dream essay

The American dream in the’50s was near materialism.The possession of consumer goods was thought to bring joy to a household’s life.This stereotypical perspective governs the dream of one of the principal characters in Lorraine Hansberry’s play.

The name of this play is based on”Harlem” by Langston Hughes, a poem that raises a question about a dream that is deferred.

426) There are 3 chief characters and all three of these have fantasies which were prolonged for too long. A Raisin in the Sun is.

The Younger’s family has just received a $10,000 dollar check for their deceased father’s life insurance policy. They live on the black side of town in Chicago in a two bedroom apartment. Racial prejudices against blacks in a low income and that age are the origin of conflict in the family.

Mama, deceased Mr. Youngers widow wishes to buy a house and fulfill the dream she once saw with her husband. Beneatha hopes to find her identity through looking towards heritage. Mama’s son, walter, wishes to one day. He wishes to replenish his marriage and supply his son.

Walter wants to invest money in the liquor business with a few of his friends. She supports and trusts her son with his choice, although Mama is appalled by the idea initially. The night while tucking him into bed, Walter tells his son about the business transaction he about to create. He tells the boy that their lives will change shortly and paints an elaborate and vivid picture of the future. He tells his son that when he’s seventeen years old he’ll come home and park the Chrysler in the driveway.

The gardener will greet him he’ll kiss his wife and come up to his sons room to see him surfing through brochures of the best colleges in America, when he is inside the house. He then tells his son that he will give him whatever he desires. Although Walter is materialistic in what he wants at the core he just needs a son who should have all the chances he never had and a happy family.

During this time Mama buys a home to satisfy the dream she saw with her husband is in a suburban neighborhood. Mr. Lindner a guy from the neighborhood comes to the Younger house trying to convince them to not ruin the white community. He offers a lot of cash.

Meanwhile Walter looses because I friend has run off with it all the money he has spent in the liquor store. When he looses most their financial resources the family falls into a deeper level of depression. At the moment, Walter decides to take. The thought of selling their right away vexes Walter’s sister, Mama and his wife. They detest Walter for addressing his dead fathers money so easily and feel he has lost his soul when he days we wants to be bought out by the white Mr. Lindner.

Ultimately, loosing everything they’ve unites them because at the last moment Walter changes his mind about accepting money from Mr. Lindner. Walter tells him that they’ve moved into the home because their father earned it. He continues by saying they don’t want to disturb the neighborhood peace or demonstration for causes that are larger, and that they’d be nice neighbors.

He tells Mr. Lindner he doesn’t need the money. At this moment the family’s spirits are lifted and they’re proud. They are united by this action of standing by your loved ones to accomplish the American dream of success regardless of where you come from and who you are. They each are on their way to satisfy their American dream by owning a house, having a high morale, and the support of the family.