The American dream in of mice and men

The Epic of America (ironically written in the asses), the American Dream Is “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” (Tortuous).In the 20th century, we have significantly warped that dream to… Read more »

The american dream in Revolutionary road essay

Summary The essay discusses the concept of the American Dream and how it relates to independence and freedom, but also how it can lead to inner battles between socially and personally held values. It also mentions the movie Revolutionary Road, which is an indictment of the unfulfilled hopes and aspirations… Read more »

A streetcar named desire American dream essay

What our experts say about this essay The essay is well-structured and analyzes the theme American Dream in Tennessee Williams’ play “A Streetcar Named Desire”. The writer clearly explains how Stella, Blanche and Stanley embody the American Dream. The essay also examines Stanley’s portrayal of the darker and more destructive… Read more »

The American dream reality or illusion

“The negative side to the American Dream is when people chase success at all costs, which in turn causes the vision and dream to be destroyed.”  According John Steinbeck’s “Paradox And Dream”, Americans live in paradoxes and never achieve true satisfaction. To achieve the American Dream, we do everything possible…. Read more »

The American dream in the 1950s

The 1950’s saw the American dream as the belief that everyone could achieve greater success in the United States than they did in their home country. For others, this meant the possibility to be an individual, without being restricted by race, class, or ethnicity. The 1950’s saw the American dream… Read more »

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Immigrants from all walks of the globe came to America to discover what it had to offer when it was founded. It was a country full of opportunities and hopes. All of them hoped to find a job that was rewarding, provided support for their families and allowed them to live in freedom and equality. The common goal might be to have a job that pays a decent amount, a large house and nice cars, as well as a happy family.

The country retains its freedom and equality, as well as opportunities for people of all ages to find work. It is a common dream for everyone to be successful, and it has been so for hundreds of centuries. Although it is not as common to dream of being independent and equal with others today, it is still a possibility, especially for those who are subject to discrimination, regardless of race, religion or sexual preference.

It may be something different for everyone, but I believe it is still relevant today in America because everyone will always have one dream they want to achieve in their lives.

The American Dream may still be valid today, but it might not be possible for everyone. Every person has different jobs that can influence their success or desire to become successful. One’s dreams may be more possible depending on their income and social class. In America and I, we saw a story about a Russian immigrant arriving in America with high expectations and dreams. However, because she was poor and worked in a factory, it proved difficult for her to achieve these goals. My belief is that dreams are centered around happiness and well-being, which can be achieved for everyone.

It is impossible to achieve all of your dreams if you only want money and a good job. To be able give your “wants”, you will need to be rich. Not everyone can become a surgeon or lawyer. Some people find it difficult to get a job due to the current society in America or the economy. This could hinder their ability to achieve their goals. Freedom and equality are part of the American Dream. They will be available to everyone in America. Freedom, happiness, and liberty are American values that can be achieved by all Americans. However, it may be more difficult for some to attain their full potential due to income, jobs, and/or social classes.

Although the American Dream may be defined in different ways, it is common to all Americans to include the idea of freedom, equality and liberty. This is true even though it was many years ago. Although the American Dream remains valid today, it is less achievable for some people than others depending on who you are and what your profession is. Most people dream of becoming successful and happy in their lives today.

Why is American Dream such a popular essay topic?

To understand the American Dream essay one must approach it like a classic research paper. No one wants to read a generic piece about living in the Land of the Free or wealth. American Dream essay is the exact opposite. It aims to encourage high school and college students to do additional research and analysis on their lives and those around them. This type of work is used by college professors to improve their critical thinking, writing skills, grammar, punctuation and logic. Content is important too, so it is crucial to remember these tips before you start writing.

Choose a topic that is catchy and reflects you personality. It will be a compelling essay about the American Dream.

Further research is needed on the American family’s history, traditions, and cultural customs.

Use hook sentences in the beginning. Start with an interesting fact about American life style or something that has deeply affected you.

Do not discuss sensitive or religious topics on such papers.

American Dream essay is similar in format to argumentative essays. Make sure to back up any information with reliable sources.

Social connection and differences in perceptions of the same ideas and culture are what make American Dream writing assignments so popular. College professors and Sociology researchers are able to combine information and track different socio-cultural trends by comparing the views of American students with papers from past decades.

According to college policies, essays that are successful can be applied for financial aid or scholarships. Make sure to write about a unique topic. Also, make sure you follow a clear structure that is both logical and dynamic.

How to structure an essay on the American Dream

It is time to start thinking about essay structure if you have already found a good topic. It includes the following elements in this instance:


Introduction should always begin with a strong hook sentence. This will encourage readers to continue reading. Hook sentences can be anything from unusual facts to elements of culture, history, or stories from your family. Also, be sure to mention that you are an international student and talk about the things you have learned.

Thesis Statement

The American Dream thesis should clearly define the topic and explain how it is perceived. However, the thesis should not be generic such as “I believe it is money, having a girlfriend, nice car ” Even if this is true, such papers aim to provide deeper thought and analysis about why certain incomes are possible or why fancy cars are important.

3-5 Body Paragraphs Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. This means that a thesis should be stated at the beginning of each paragraph if it is supported by a reason. When citing media events or external sources, remember to avoid plagiarism. The rule of thumb is to cite each source according to format requirements. While students are free to not use references in most cases, good research is required.


This section summarizes the ideas in body paragraphs. However, it should be condensed and connected with the thesis statement. You should not add any new ideas to this section. It is a good idea to end with a call for action and some food for thought. If the paper is written in a specific tone, it must be hopeful or demanding justice. Conclusion is equally important as thesis statement in both cases because it shows the author’s argumentation for his or her work.