New American dreamers – Ruth Sidel essay

1. “She is the prototype of todays young Woman-confident, outgoing, knowledgeable, involved”

1. Today’s young women are the first to accept that, just like their male counterparts, they deserve their fair share in the American Dream. In an age of fragmented family life, unstable, transient work relationships and a diminishing sense of community, success has become a prized symbol of identity. These expectations are being impeded by the increasing economic burdens placed on young women today.

2. “The new American dreamers are setting out on a very different quest for self-realization”

2. New American Dreamers, who are achievement-oriented; Neotraditionalists, who have a strong commitment to creating families, but expect to balance that role with significant work; and Outsiders, who-because of their race, family background, an early pregnancy, or simply the characteristic angst of adolescence-feel that they have no options at all. 3. What if it’s more like a nightmare in some cases?

3. Speculates that perhaps today’s women have been hoodwinked into believing that they can do it all, have it all, and be it all.
Currently, American society is characterized by discrimination. Self-sufficiency may be impossible because of this. The dilemmas faced by young women today are clearly a function both of their time and their gender.

4. Knocker widespread Cling

4. Meaning: A person who is unable to forgive or accepts blame

Other forms of the Word: knocker
Sentence: Knocking someone down with such harsh terms and without any explanations or definitions doesn’t elevate the knocker.

Meaning: Widely distributed or found in many places, among many people or individuals.

Sentence: Human exposure to them remains widespread due to their long half-life and extensive use. Meaning: To remain attached to something, such as an idea, hope or memory. Other meanings of the word include clinger, clingingly, clingingness, unclinging
Sentence: The candidate believed that he would win, despite all the predictions.

5. Sidel believes that these young women are passionate about their faith and have great faith. Their optimism is evident in their professional and personal goals. As a student, my hopes for success in both personal and professional areas of my life are similar.

6. Ruth Sidel, a sociology professor at Hunder College in New York City, wrote the beautiful article “The New American Dreamers”. Sidel talks about the dreams and hopes that young American women have for their professional and personal lives. Sidel talks about the American dreamers, especially young women. She compares traditional women with modern thinkers. She also discussed the modern woman’s dream, including their attitudes, imagination, and thoughts about their male partners. Present women are intelligent, confident, and knowledgeable. They also have a sophisticated and controlled view of planning for the future, intimacy and drugs and alcohol. The article contains some characters who are a clear example of the American dream.

Jacqueline Gonzalez and Amy Morrison are Hispanic. Morrison has 15 years of experience and wants to become a surgeon. She also wants to have a secure job, make enough money to buy cars, and be successful. Similar, Yet has 17 years of experience and wants to become a professional. Gonzalez, who is 19 years old, wants to become a lawyer and has aspirations to more material success and money. A Hispanic 18-year-old wants to be a boss in a large company and has a lot of money. These young women are intelligent, smart, and personable. All of them belong to America. They all dream of upward mobility and a life full of personal choice, material possessions, no matter their social class. They believe in a bright future. Many see themselves as professional women dressed in attractive clothes and carrying a briefcase to go to work. They return home to a cozy condo or house, perhaps to a caring husband and some well-behaved children.

6. This writer focuses mainly on young American women who dream of controlling their lives and becoming successful in life. All women desire to be able to support many women. Beautiful house, personal car, husband who can understand her values and feelings, and children. They are all equal, no matter their social status. The dream of their success is the same regardless of whether they are middle- or upper-class. These dreams are what have made them stand out from traditional wives who believed they were dependent on their husbands and families.