American dream and inequality

The term that America is a land of opportunities is a common one in many countries. What many people don’t realize is that America is characterized by insecurities and inequalities. The model is considered by some countries of altering economies that were struggling, an appropriate model. This explains why many nations put a lot of effort to make their economies productive, prosperous and powerful.

The economy is thought to be one of world economies that have grown very quickly, leading to huge profits and unemployment. However, some Americans believe there are no benefits related to the seemingly grown market. Some of them have concerns about the American version although other countries try to imitate it.

For instance, the typical American worker is underpaid and college degrees don’t guarantee taxpayers well-paying jobs. Before it boasts of having established a successful model, It’s important for the system to address these issues. All the Americans should benefit from the version before it’s described as being successful.

It must think about its reputation Though America is proud of its own economic model. Europeans hold a view that the country does not look after its citizens as it was seen after Hurricane Katrina. A country that doesn’t bother about the welfare of the leaves unanswered questions about using an economic model that may be adopted by other 30, when it talks.

The inequality that characterizes the American market is evidence enough that there are those who reap benefits at the expense of the rest of the population. Some people are really wealthy such that if the company stopped, they would still remain wealthy. This inequality doesn’t portray a financial model.

The system is oblivious of the threat that individuals at the bottom of the economic system face. Immigrants get into America although Among the concerns of the individuals is that their jobs aren’t exported to other countries. The implication is that it is possible for their jobs to be taken up by rival workers who come from different countries.

It’s essential for the government to assess the dangers that these individuals face and search for mechanisms of ensuring that wages of poor workers remain steady. It’s just after the poor employees are assured that the American version can be said to be successful.

Although in accordance with this article inequality is not inherently wrong, it is evidently wrong within the system that is American. In addition, not everybody in the American system has an opportunity to climb the economic system up.

The system favors the rich and provides them opportunities to rise. For the American government to claim to have developed an appropriate economic model that other countries can imitate, it must make sure that every citizen benefits from the model. The poor ought to be assisted shield them from dangers posed by immigrants who take up their jobs and to climb up the economic ladder. Many countries seem to follow the model before it becomes effective, but it requires adjustments.