Education and the American dream essay

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This essay discusses the American Dream and how education plays a role in achieving it. The American Dream is the idea that anyone can achieve success and prosperity through hard work, regardless of their background. The essay argues that education is key to achieving the American Dream, as it increases the chances of getting into top schools and colleges, leads to higher salaries and improves the overall quality of life. However, it also acknowledges that there are problems and downsides to education, such as the inequal access to higher education and the increasing cost of college, which make it difficult for low-income individuals to achieve the American Dream. The author also presents their own view of the American Dream, which is that anyone can achieve it, but education is necessary to make it possible.

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The essay “Education & the American Dream” makes a clear argument for education’s importance in achieving the American Dream. However, it also recognizes its shortcomings and drawbacks. It cites numerous sources to back its claims, and gives a clear explanation about the American Dream’s evolution and origins. The essay is personal and offers a unique perspective on the American Dream.

The essay could be improved by a deeper exploration of the obstacles and challenges to accessing education and achieving American Dream, particularly for those with low incomes. The essay could also be improved by adding counter-arguments or considering other perspectives on education and the American Dream.

Overall, the essay is well written and makes a compelling argument. However, it could use more analysis and exploration of pertinent issues.

Education and the American dream

James Truslow Adams first spoke of the American Dream in 1931 in his book “Epic of America.” This means that you don’t need to have a lot of money to be successful and that your natural talents and personal skills are sufficient.

Our founding fathers believed everyone had the right to pursue their true happiness, regardless of their background. To achieve the American Dream, people must be hard workers to make it happen. Later, the American Dream definition was changing.
The American Dream is divided into three classes: high, middle and low. This is causing us to be in debt as some of us don’t have the same benefits as the upper class. It makes us believe that we can’t accept more than our parents success.

It is now more difficult to achieve the American Dream. The poor wish that they could have achieved the American Dream immediately. They wish they could have the American Dream. The American Dream is viewed as a luxury that only some can afford.

The 21st century has seen a lot of changes. Only European immigrants could have come to America back then to realize their dreams. The American Dream was to own a white picket fence and have a family with children. Modern American Dreams are to have a job. The American Dream does not mean living on the streets. The American Dream of today is to have expensive items, to live in a better place and to be comfortable with your appearance. What I am trying to say is that the American Dream now relies on college as the only way to get out of the’middle-class’. However, it will leave you in debt and make it difficult to start your own life and buy a house. It’s not easy to achieve the American Dream, whether you’re in the middle or lower classes.

My view of the American Dream is that anyone can achieve it. Education is key to achieving the American dream. It should be taken seriously. The American Dream is a high-quality, fulfilling life. The American Dream is made possible by education. However, I recognize that it is not possible because of the inequal access to higher education in the United States. It is often more difficult for low-income children to go to college. They are also limited in their ability to pursue a career that is rewarding. It’s difficult to get a bachelor’s degree which is required for many jobs today. The American Dream should offer everyone the opportunity to succeed and prosper through hard work.

While education has been a critical part of one’s life for many years, it also has its downsides and problems. Education is what lifts people to a new level of knowledge. Education plays an important role in the American Dream. Education can help people reach the top of their lives. Higher education levels help to run a country better, as they are more educated and have greater knowledge. Education is central to a high quality life. The education one has received will determine whether or not you are able to achieve the American dream.

First, education has always led to people being admitted into top schools and colleges. Jane Playdon (2013) wrote that the most important benefit of higher education was graduate salaries. The report also stated that a four-year college degree is equivalent to an investment that yields 15.2% per annum. Hands on Banking also states that the level of education you receive can make a big difference in how much you make. Did you know that college graduates earn almost a million more per year than high school graduates? This shows that education can increase your chances of achieving American Dream.

Education is key to improving quality of life. Rosalyn McKeown (Ph.D.), Charles A. Hopkins and Regina Rizzi (2002, 2002) stated that education “raises the economic status for families, It improves living conditions, Lowers infant deaths, and improves educational attainment for the next generation.” This increases the chances of the next generation achieving economic success, both individually and nationally. Anglia Ruskin (2016) also states that the course provides a high-level qualification that will help you to be a teacher assistant, early years nurse worker, or playworker. This is an example of how education is essential for the American Dream.

Although education is a tremendously valuable tool, it cannot be perfect. Education can have side effects and problems. People sometimes give up a lot of time for education, which can lead to less time at home or separation from their children when they go to college. Giles Cadman (2016) states that while you might be learning a lot, education is taking away your prime years of working. Your 20s are when you should be establishing your professional career. Education can hinder this process depending on how you manage yourself. Katherine Sellgren (2014) also states that children who spend up to 10 hours a day in school or childcare will become isolated, sleepless, and fall behind their peers. The majority of 1,300 teachers polled in the Association of Teachers and Lecturers’ (ATL), felt that families spend less time together.

This shows that education is not a complete package. It can have negative side effects.

Last but not the least, education triggers a huge blow on sustainability, Continuation and a defined behaviour. Rosalyn McKeown and Charles A. Hopkins, Regina Rizzi and Marianne Chrystalbridge (2005, their article) stated that “Generally, more educated people who have higher incomes consume more resources than people with lower incomes. This is a case where more education can be a threat to sustainability. Also, A. Ruskin (2016) wrote, “In 47 countries that were covered by the 2005-2008 World Values Survey,” that the higher a person’s education, the more she was likely to express concern about the environment. This clearly shows the positives and negatives of education.

The final step to the American dream depends on one’s education. One can either succeed or fail. The first step to achieving the American dream is education. It should be taken seriously, even though it can have side effects. The American Dream is a high-quality, fulfilling life. Because of their dedication to education, it’s possible to pay your bills on time and have good pay. This is when someone can have their family, home, car and job with no problems. It is real life. Education is hard work that leads to college, which will take you to real life. Although this is the American dream, there are side effects and choices that must be considered.

Essay outline

  • Introduction
    • Definition of the American Dream
    • Importance of education in achieving the American Dream
  • Changing definition of the American Dream
    • Three classes of American Dream
    • Difficulty in achieving the American Dream
  • Education and the American Dream
    • Importance of education in achieving the American Dream
    • College degree as a requirement for achieving the American Dream
    • Impact of education on career and salary
  • Problems with education and the American Dream
    • Inequal access to higher education
    • Increasing cost of college
  • Conclusion
    • Summary of the importance of education in achieving the American Dream
    • Personal view on the American Dream and its accessibility to all