Brandon King the American dream Essay

American Dream’s notion is a cliché related to prosperity, welfare and stability. It’s a dream about the standards of richness, relaxation, and life. In pursue this dream, people moved into America having expect to construct bright and prosperous future for their families and themselves. This cliché has enrooted in thoughts of people and partners with this country.

What is the American dream now? The fact that the dream has become special is undoubted.

This reflected the need to have a personal, successful experience in something. It seems like there is a craftsman finally pleased with what he’s done, happy with his skill, or whenever the merchant sees his ships.

There is A fantasy a success.

“The American dream, Alive or on Hold” by Brandon King is a critical manifest dwelling upon all the issues linked to the notion. However, the author focuses more attention on the financial side of a problem. He examines in detail current and previous situations with the market. He understands the concept of the American dream as the availability of wages allowing people to live their life having an opportunity to manage things they need.

According to the point of view of the author the average wage, being over the minimal index, would not make people feel wealthier. This issue is much more global. It needs an approach, not a surface . In times of Great Depression, the minimum salary was created to make sure they citizens could afford the things of human necessities. Implementation of wages was performed to enhance the economy, and it was successful, helping to come within the period of depression. However, that step was temporal. After a while arose the need for the changes that were new.

In the perception of Brandon King illustrates the notion of the American dream as a motivation to work hard to have the life that is better. He depicts the contrast of achieving this life of a fantasy. If it was believed that moving to the class of society is the best way to live a life, now the views have changed. People aim to move to a class of society. Folks consider that a fundamental element, which will assist in the building of their future that is happy, is the ability to save enough money for the future and chance to get a stable and secure job.

The American dream: dead, alive, or on hold

Arises the question:”is your American dream dead in accordance with King?” For sure, the answer is negative, while speaking about it generally. This notion was reshaped due to the changes in economy and life of the nation. It is still achievable the arrangement is different. Being in today’s economic environment, it becomes more challenging to reach the cluster that is upper-society. The strategies for the future under the influence of factors have reshaped. Now people aim to conserve enough quantity of money to build future that is better.

Is the American dream alive? Undoubtedly. It is more active. Build future for their families and people try to overcome recession. People do not try to acquire a high status in the society. They plan to live in peacefulness and stability, having ability to operate at a safe job and to earn enough. The market is fragile. Arises the need have a prospect to develop and maintain successful life and to be sure in the future of one. The unemployment rates aren’t lowering. Economy develops. Obstacles do not permit the recovery, such as estate markets that are weak and scarcity of workplaces.

He claims that the American dream is dead, as monetary gaps between people of different clusters of society are important. The contrast is visible. The thing is while classes suffer from the scarcity of money that the upper classes are criticized for their well-being. This contrast is the first and the indication that the American dream no longer exists. People are depressed. Clusters of society don’t think that their children could get in front of their parents. The situations are somewhat frustrating. People are too pessimistic about their future and impose limitations on themselves. It is the root of the problem. Those, who are optimistic about their future have better health and are more likely to succeed than those being depressed. This depression leads to incensement of suicides and alcohol and drug addictions. All this is caused by the lack of hope.

The problem is that the money is concentrated in the hands of a minority and there’s absolutely not any middle-class in the society. Exists a massive gap courses are on the sides. The economy can’t recover. There is not any middle-class, which might guarantee a sustainable development of the nation. The government thought that rising of wages would boost workers’ productivity the issue is much more complicated. Encourage progress and to make the financial situation more stable , complicated actions should be taken.

According to Brandon King’s standing, America lost its previous dream acquired the one with another connotation. There still be a hope to revive the old American dream. The government has to do is to increase the minimum salary and create more areas that are working. Individuals will rekindle their hope for brighter future; they will be inspired. The despair will be eliminated. The major aim of the politicians should be a creation of conditions allowing filling this gap. The growth will come if the middle class is numerous. Is the economy recovers, it’ll be easier for people to rely on a brighter future and their dream will come true!