American dream the Great Gatsby Essay

The ruthless pursuit of wealth contributes to the corruption of moral values and human nature. Fitzgerald uses characters in the novel to show the corruptions and the nature of the American Dream. The American Dreams’ superficial achievement give peace, no joy and no fulfillment; but instead, creates lots of problems for the characters.

What happens to Daisy Buchanan, Nick Carraway, and Jay Gatsby represent the failure of the American Dream. Each character has a different dream. For Jay Gatsby, his dream is to achieve happiness, represented by the love of Daisy, through power and materialism. For Nick Carraway, his intention is to find. For Daisy Buchanan, her dream would be to become wealthy even though she must pay the price of betraying her own heart and her loyalty and to reach a higher standard of living.

The ownership of money’ and energy’can provide pride and material gratification but it can’t fulfill the needs of the human heart, which is real happiness and love. In order to fulfill their American Dreams, the characters in the novel have really given up beliefs and the values that were once valuable to them, and the result is they reap only emptiness .

The American Dream explained in the novel’s quality is the consistent determination to reach your aim that is idealistic, and the expectation for something. For Jay Gatsby, his dream is to win back the love of Daisy. He sacrifices his integrity in order to get rich by involving in business that is illegal. Gatsby thinks he can recreate the past, that’s the relationship between Daisy and himself , with money. He thinks so that he will be loved by her again that he can impress Daisy.

Gatsby’s strategies of winning back Daisy’s heart are to flaunt his wealth and social status such as connecting himself with”Oxford”; living in a lavish”mansion”(Pg 5), throwing lavish parties, dressed in fine expensive clothing; he has”men in England who buy clothes and sends him a selection”(Pg 92). Gatsby believes that with his money and material success he could buy anything in life such as happiness and love. Due to his obsession to obtain the love of Daisy, he betrays morality and his honesty.

With no other purposes in life, Gatsby ends up engaging in activities that are illicit. It is very ironical that sometimes in life, good idealistic goal, somehow, is reached by means. This is Gatsby’s catastrophe, and the reason for the failure of the American Dream. Daisy is a lady. She turns her back on happiness and love, which is represented by Gatsby, and marries Tom for status and money. Her Dream is to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable life given to her a man who truly loves her, and whom she loves.

Corruption of the american dream in the great gatsby

The corruption of her values begins when she decides to select the chance that Tom Buchanan offers, which are status and money, although not to wait anymore for Gatsby, her love. Her options reveal her vain and superficial nature hidden beneath her appearance. She’s struggles whether she should follow her feelings or not when Gatsby returns with status and wealth so as to win back her love. However, when Tom told Daisy about Gatsby’s”bootlegging,” with the intent of destroying her desire to leave him for Gatsby; her will, which is very weak, wavers.

She is a person including her husband, Tom her true love Gatsby; and her own baby girl, without any strong desires or certainty or loyalty to anyone. When she knows that Tom has a mistress outside she finally decides to pick him and is offering her true love. She chooses to forsake Gatsby for a lifetime of comfort and safety, but filled with emptiness. Her behavior in responding to the auto accident in which she killed Myrtle, Tom’s mistress, again reveals her corrupted nature:” Careless people? mashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was? And let other people clean up the mess they had made?”

The desire for wealth and status at any Price of daisy

That are hope, strength, and determination to reach a person’s idealistic goals in life, when looking back at the foundation qualities of the American Dream in the Great Gatsby. Daisy is the corruption of the American Dream and a good example of the failure. The corruption and failure of the American Dream is seen through Nick Carraway.

Nick’s dream is to find somebody who can realizes the American Dream that is idealistic, and he finds this person in Jay Gatsby. Nick is the only character in the novel that understands the facts about all things and all people and stands aside as an observer. He admires in achieving his goals in life Gatsby’s determination and strong will, but despises all of the remaining people in the society in. In his eyes, Daisy and Tom and all the others are a bunch of heartless people who becomes successful in the price of losing precious values.

Nick Carraway’s instance of American fantasy failure

Gatsby is the only exception among them. In the book, Nick comments”They’re a rotten crowd,”” You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together. He also has a sense that Gatsby’s faith and hope in his dream is fading away and that Gatsby is beginning to doubt, feeling lost and empty:”I’ve an idea that Gatsby himself did not believe it would come, and perhaps he no longer cared.

If this was true he must have felt that he had lost the old warm world, paid a high price for living too long with one dream. He should have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is and how raw the sunlight was upon the scarcely created grass. A new world, material without being real, where poor ghosts, breathing dreams like air? ” To conclude, this tragic story to express his feeling during the 1920’s about the Dream of the American people is used by Fitzgerald.


Every person living in this world ought to have a dream and purpose to life, something to work towards. Without dreams, one’s life does not have any significance, as seen from the destiny of the Buchanans and Gatsby. Their lives become lost and empty without a dream or an ideal. Gatsby is an important example of the failure.

Gatsby’s identity is revealed at the end of The Great Gatsby. Daisy abandons him and Tom shoots them. His funeral is very sparsely attended. Nick takes a look at the story in the final paragraphs. He notes that Gatsby used all his wealth and status to reunite with Daisy, his lost love.

The moral of The Great Gatsby is that the American Dream is ultimately unattainable. Jay Gatsby had attained great wealth and status as a socialite; however, Gatsby’s dream was to have a future with his one true love, Daisy

Is the ending of The Great Gatsby satisfying?

The Ending of The Great Gatsby – Unexpected, but Appropriate. again suggests success, perhaps portrayed by a happy ending. American Upper Classes and the folly of trying to repeat the past. perhaps the major theme of the novel – the Death of the American Dream.

What does The Great Gatsby teach us about love?

Even the romance between Daisy, Gatsby is not a true love story. It’s more about Gatsby’s obsession with reliving–or redoing–his past. He is more attached to Daisy’s image than the woman in front. Romantic love is not an imposing force in The Great Gatsby’s world.

How does Gatsby represent the American dream?

Gatsby was motivated to gain wealth and power in order to attract Daisy. This is the American Dream over him. He corrupts himself in his efforts to charm Daisy.