American dream or nightmare essay

America and its people have stood for the idea of the “American Dream.” This concept’s meaning has been modified and changed over the years. Every man has the right, as stated in the Declaration of Independence: to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many movies and books have depicted different versions of this ideology. Each movie and book portrays a stereotypical happy ending. But is this possible? The American Dream is slowly disappearing, I believe.

Today’s society is filled with families struggling to make ends meets and ensure their children’s futures. The American Dream used to be everyone’s reality. But now, this fantasy is just that. Families struggle just to meet basic living necessities. A family of four living on $22,050 per year is below the federal poverty level (Huffman). This quote states that a $22,050 per year salary can barely support a family of four. However, a household earning the same amount ten years ago would place families in the middle of the income spectrum.

American household living expenses have increased significantly over the years, which has caused families to fall lower on the economic ladder. The average American family can quickly find themselves in debt due to monthly bills like utilities, rent/house payments, groceries, car payments, and car repairs. The American Dream is about prosperity and wealth. Americans are becoming more aware of the challenges associated with being financially secure each month. This is not the end. Parents must be concerned about their ability to provide a decent future for their children.

Public school is not free, but they still need to have clothing and school supplies. Children will be forced to wear cheap clothing and use hand-me down clothes because their parents are struggling to make ends meet. Parents who are struggling will be acutely aware of the fact that teenagers nag about the social pecking orders ,…, and feel a little guilty for telling their child they cannot have what their classmates take as a given (Johnson 183). While parents want their child to get the best education possible, it can also mean more costly costs. People are forced to go to college because of the competitive job market. This is to make sure they land a job in a stable career field. Young adults are caught in a vicious circle when it comes to entering the workforce. They must fight this battle in order to provide for their families. Parents can’t afford to save money. Americans’ morale is declining as they lose the ability to provide for their children and grandchildren.

The ideal American family, which is to live in a country of opportunity and wealth, has been threatened. America is searching desperately for answers from the government, and other sources to address its declining economic problems. The American Dream was originally defined by the nation. The American dream will be diminished if you are unable to provide for your family while also working, and if your children do not learn the right values as they grow up. While some remain optimistic about the concept, I am firm in my belief in this fact: if this growing problem is not addressed, then this country’s fate will be very uncertain.

According to this research 

Qualitative Data:
Is there more economic opportunity for an 18-year-old today than there was for an 18-year-old 50 years ago?

~ “The invention of social media and technology have opened numerous doors for young people to become more successful.”
~ “An 18-year-old can be higher educated than  an 18-year-old 50 years ago.”
~ “The Me Too movement.”
~ “Bad economy”
~ “The idea that you have to have a college degree to get any job above working manual
labor or in fast food is elitist.”

Do you believe in the American Dream?

~ “It can happen if you are motivated.”
~ “There’s so much struggle for so many immigrants and Americans. The system is not in the people’s favor.”
~ “The American Dream, I feel only applies to whites, Asians and other foreigners, while black Americans and poor whites are living  the American nightmare.”
~ “I used to but no longer do because of Trump.”