American dream argumentative essay

There are different opinions about this subject but the top one is peppiness. The secret to the American Dream is joy, there is no point of going through life feeling unhappy and wanting people to feel awful for us, we as Americans can dictate those negative emotions and decide whether we would like to be miserable for the remainder of our lives or chase the dream we’ve always wanted to achieve through hard work, personal values, and schooling.

Happiness is the result of achievement, as humans, we must figure out exactly what we would like to do once we’re outside in the real world; if it is becoming rich and famous, or only owning a regular house in a middle class area, we all have goals that e are seeking to achieve so that we could be pleased but the only method that happiness is available is through hard work. As Bill Rancid said”The American Dream is still alive out there, and hard work will get you there.

You don’t necessarily need to get millions of bucks startup cash or an Ivy League education.

It can be done with a concept, hard work, and determination.” Hard work and effort can get anyone anywhere it doesn’t matter how much money someone has and land anybody any sort of Job they want. A whole lot of businesses search for people who are determined hard working, dedicated, and enthusiastic. They’re looking for someone who’s innovative, a person who can innovate and come up. They’re also looking for people they can count on.

Among the perks of becoming a hardworking individual is that individuals can count on you and it makes you want to work even harder if folks understand they can trust one. One of the most notable things that the quote says is,”it could be done with an idea, hard work, and determination.” Everything starts with having ideas that are creative and acting upon them. Some examples are currently down them, talking to folks about them, and even gathering inspiration. Everything comes down to just how much effort a person can set so as to become happy and successful .

1 topic Americans seem to forget when it comes to the American Dream is freedom, and that because of the fact that we don’t have that much freedom in America. By way of instance, in Idaho and in a number of other states, gay marriage is outlawed, which can be unconstitutional discrimination, it is taking people’s rights from a nation here we’re”supposedly’ free to create our own decisions in life. Creating our own decisions which let us to be happy is what makes us adults and what makes us free, if we can’t think for ourselves or even have our own values there’s no point of living? As we develop , we carry on board the private values of the others around us before we reach the adolescent years and start to accept or deny these values as being a part of that we are, or not a part of our own selves.” (Wick How) This quote is essentially saying that as we become older and start to take up accountability, we have a tendency to top accepting values which are compressed into our brains by our instructors, friends, parents, and society. Our teenage years are a perfect time to quit, look at ourselves and decide what set of values we want to execute in our lives.

Another quotation states that”Values aren’t buses… They are not supposed to not supposed to get you anywhere. They’re supposed to define who you are.” (Cruise) This quote is simply saying that our values are supposed to be a manifestation of who we all are. A lot of people have this way of believing that religion ought to be implemented into an individuals values and if it is not, that individual will be regarded as a person that is bad and will never be happy. This type of thinking is totally ludicrous, our values must be put what kind people we would like to be and on the kind of people we are.

Do we treat individuals with respect, do we love our family , and are we all around men and women that are great? If a person doesn’t believe in what culture says to believe in, that does not ultimately define them as a individual. As Americans, from Kindergarten all the way we’ve spent most of our lives. After that, we could go on to school or go straight into the work force. Even though faculty is largely pricey and resorting to student loans may be the only method, the majority of men and women think it’s well worth it, seeing as they can get a much better Job once they’re out of school.

A quote from Larry Wade says”l feel like I kind of represent what the American dream is all about. I was the first person in my family. Being in a position to say that you graduated before some of your loved ones can bring a smile to a individual’s face since they know that he degree they obtained was definitely earned because of all the long difficult aggravating years of studying, taking tests, and typing essays.

(Mead) This quote is saying education is much more than simply being able figure out a lot of mathematics problems; it’s about going out to the real world experiencing and learning new things. College doesn’t even need to be a chief source of education, there are several careers out there that anybody can further their education in, for example animation, many fantastic animators previously were swapper cartoonist or Just taught themselves.

Walt Disney never went to school, he really went for just 1 year to high school and dropped out at the age of 16. Obviously times have changed concerning the subject of high school drop outs but it Just comes to show how one man was able to become such a success through his love of cartoon along with his want of wanting to find out more about this wonderful art style so that one day he can inspire others to innovate. That’s what education ought to be, having a strong enthusiasm for something and wanting to learn more from it.

Individuals who disagree with the American Dream being about happiness often bring up that it is responsible for a lot of crime and violence because people feel that the country owes them not just a living but a fantastic living. To begin with, the American Dream was not responsible for bringing out violence and crime, its human nature to act out and become aggressive over matters we don’t agree with.

Secondly, being filthy rich and having a ton of materialistic objects like money can make anyone happy for a short time period. The Great Gatsby shows a perfect example of that.

In the novel, Jay Gatsby gets all of the money in the world, he can buy anything, he’s got the nicest car, he throws the most extravagant parties in the entire city, but as the story progresses, the reader comes to understand that Gatsby is not pleased with his life, he’s in love with a girl called Daisy whom he fantasies they will Monday function together. His obsession with her drowns him to the mindset he can simply buy her love with things that are materialistic. That is what’s wrong with the American Dream, riches does not complete the fantasy, it cannot make one’s lifetime ideal, and its materialistic lifestyle can’t bring true joy to some person.

All in all, the secret to the American Dream is authentic joy, moving through life enjoying each and every moment of it, having family and friends who are supportive, doing things not because we are gaining an income from it but because we have a strong passion or it, and finally, being able to dictate negative emotions and choose whether we would like to be miserable for the rest of our lives or pursue the dream we’ve always wanted to achieve through working hard for every cent got, unraveling our own personal beliefs, and teaching our minds so we can become better individuals in society.