A streetcar named desire American dream essay

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The essay is well-structured and analyzes the theme American Dream in Tennessee Williams’ play “A Streetcar Named Desire”. The writer clearly explains how Stella, Blanche and Stanley embody the American Dream. The essay also examines Stanley’s portrayal of the darker and more destructive aspects the American Dream. It focuses on his ambition, violent and unethical behavior, possessiveness, and jealousy. It is clear that the writer has a good understanding of the play and uses specific examples to support their argument. The writer could add more quotes from the play in order to strengthen their analysis. The essay is overall well-written and gives a thorough analysis of the American Dream theme in the play.

A streetcar named desire American dream

The American Dream is displayed within people. Like the rest of the world, the concept of the American dream Is also exhibited throughout the play A Street Car Named Desire. The concept of the American dream discusses how individuals on the planet who work hard for their success, in turn, are successful in their own lives. The concept of the American dream represents desire, fulfillment and regret throughout the play.

The dream offers freedom and opportunity to people who work hard for It. A life is lived by stanley. He is the best example of this dream. He has a wife, Stella.

Stanley works at an auto parts manufacturing plant. This Job allows Stanley to succeed and to provide the wings to his wife and unborn child that they require.

Stanley, who is one of the working class, represents the hero in this play. The things that he does in his life are supposedly honorable and noble. Stanley takes a wife and child, advantage of what he has on the road, and a stable Much like the dream, which Stanley represents, there is the dream or also known as Belle Reeve. Stall’s sister who was a belle, blanched represented this dream. The dream that is gorgeous represents everything that Blanched had and was. Blanched and Stella come from a family who lived the American dream.

Blanched was enchanting, beautiful and successful. This life was lost by blanched when she dropped her mansion. Because of this, Stanley and Blanched don’t get along. Stanley represents everything that Blanched Is not, in addition to some of what she Is. One of the reasons is because Blanched interrupts Stanley routine. His life of being with his wife, partying with his friends, and going to work is interrupted when Blanched comes to town. Blanches presence aggravates stanley.

She also annoys him by calling him names and comparing him to creatures like an ape. Stanley displays the antagonist in the play’s qualities. He comes into conflict with Blanched during her trip because he believes she’s telling Stella lies. Stanley believes that Stella should inherit half of their money although he doesn’t realize that she does not get any money, that Blanched receives from Belle Reeve. Stanley is worried with the Napoleonic code. (Williams 1 OFF Similar to Blanched, Stella once also lived this gorgeous dream. Her family was wealthy all of her life. Stella did not have to work hard to obtain anything because her family had supplied everything to her she needed. When Stella and Stanley met with, he helped her realize that her life can’t always be like this. He helped her come to terms with the life which they’re currently living. Stella and Stanley live a life in New Orleans. Stella, who’s pregnant, remains at home.

Stella stays at home, cooks for Stanley, cleans their house, and takes care of him. Stella respects Stanley, regardless of his attitude towards Stall’s sister and sister. Before Blanched arrives at their home Stella and Stanley are delighted with their lives. They are comfortable with each other and are content with living the American dream life. This life is disrupted when Blanched arrives and, in turn, Stanley feels just like she seed to like Stella does not respect him.

This notion of the American dream that is portrayed during the play A Streetcar Named Desire is the lifestyle that Stella and Stanley Kowalski live. The dream concept indicates that any man or woman who works hard for what they need will get it in their lifetime. Stanley life, which consists of hard work, honor, and achievement, shows that this life is a perfect example of the American dream.

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