What is the American dream essay

Every citizen of the United States can have a different American Dream. It is the ideals of freedom, equality and liberty that are available to all Americans. This gives every American the chance to live a fulfilling and successful life. This dream was realized when the first immigrants arrived in… Read more »

Satire in the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby can be seen as a social satire about the United States of America in the roaring 20s. Fitzgerald exposes the American Dream to be a flawed fantasy that was merely fueled by excessive indulgence. America was founded on the idea of equality. This means that every individual… Read more »

Raisin in the Sun American dream essay

The American dream in the’50s was near materialism.The possession of consumer goods was thought to bring joy to a household’s life.This stereotypical perspective governs the dream of one of the principal characters in Lorraine Hansberry’s play. The name of this play is based on”Harlem” by Langston Hughes, a poem that… Read more »