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The essential ideal of America is to bring the greatest opportunity for happiness and the least suffering to the most people. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are more than words. This is the most noble human purpose any nation has yet seen conceived.


Our vision is to ensure that each of us is striving to live our personal dreams and that America is a physically and psychologically healthy society for all of our children.


Our mission is to help individuals and institutions create, design and implement sustainable personal strategies, public policies, and citizen solutions that will lead to the greatest good and least suffering for each individual, our American society, and the global world.

The American Dream Project is your project.

We are not promoting a single ideology, political viewpoint or economic scheme. We are not right wing or left leaning. We promote wisdom, common sense, responsibility, compassion, human dignity, new solutions, fairness, justice and the continual renewal of conditions that promote the real American Dream. We are opposed to greed, self-interest,
corruption, lies, deceit and incompetence.

America’s great promise is that it’s all up to us. We are in control of our destiny. And far too many of us, no matter what our economic status, find our lives amazingly confusing, stressful and frantic. High life satisfaction based on the American way of life of opportunity, fairness
and personal responsibility is increasingly at risk.

The real American Dream will only be reignited one dream at a time. When enough of us stand for our real dream the entire energy of our culture will transform everything that matters. It’s time for action.


Over 80% of Americans feel uncertain about their future quality of life, economic security and children’s opportunities. All of us are increasingly concerned by daily news of off-shored jobs, stagnant wages, failing education, inflated housing, unaffordable healthcare,soaring college costs and mounting debt. Many of us are numb to a steady stream of leadership failures, scandals and lies. It seems like America has an identity crisis. We don’t know who we are anymore.
As a nation, polls tell us we are losing faith in our primary institutions of government, education and business to provide leadership. A majority of Americans worry that the American Dream is in deep trouble. The society we have created is simply not the best we can


American Dream Project has, at its heart, a three-part agenda. Three things we can do now. The first is to live your dream. To understand your unique gifts and soul’s desire and live everyday as if it mattered. We have not only a right but also an obligation to pursue our dreams. The
American Dream will only be reignited one dream at a time. You are perfectly designed to fulfill your dream. Only our dreams will save the future. We need your dream.

The second is to serve. At various times in your life, the object of your service will be different. If you have a family, your first obligation is to your children. To be the best tutor, coach, mentor and supporter they can have. Consider becoming part of the booming citizen sector. Make sure your business or your employer is focused on their strategic social responsibility. Be
willing to inconvenience yourself in service to your community. Pick a cause that leverages your talents and calls forth your passion and dedicate at least one afternoon, or one evening a week to it. Or help all of us at American Dream Project as a volunteer or sponsor. Become a
voice. Join one of our campaigns. Do what you feel called to do.

Third, we must demand better leadership. When was the last election in which you had a hard time deciding who to vote for because both candidates were so great? And it’s not just our political leaders that must radically improve. It’s leaders of our businesses, schools, communities, and families. We cannot become numb to the steady stream of leadership failures, scandals, lies, and incompetence. Instead, it is time to demand more inspired leaders, wise leaders, ethical leaders. And we must foster more Citizen Enterprise. These new profit,non-governmental organizations are the fastest growing institutions in the world. There are over 100,000 new citizen based enterprises spreading innovative solutions using business discipline to solve the biggest economic, environmental, health and education challenges of our age. They are the new “third force” often collaborating with government or business to take new ideas to large-scale practical solutions. Citizen enterprises can do what no one else can because they are neither accountable to politicians or shareholders. They are accountable to citizens. (Some examples are,,


Today the American Dream Project is making films, publishing books, hosting video blogs and national webcasts, creating elearning courses for high school and college students, holding town halls and live local events celebrating extraordinary Americans using citizen enterprise, their own businesses, and their personal lives to do extraordinary good.


The American Dream Project is made up of citizens, students, parents, leaders, business owners, educators, doctors, entrepreneurs, professionals, workers, filmmakers, technicians, designers, marketers, web developers who know we can do better and are willing to do something about it. Join us.

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